Pull-up Banners, Printed Posters

We provide the highest quality Banner Printing, Pull-up Banners and Printed Posters which are ideal for exhibitions, conferences, press launches or seminars. Use our pull-up stands for maximum effect. Our Pull-up stands measure 800mmx2000mm, while banner stands can be as big as you want. And remember to ask Opus Print to do your design to ensure the highest quality print. Pull-up stands offer a large presentation area. A huge advantage of pull-up stands is that you can use them in a narrow space without lessening the effect of its message. 


When it comes to promoting your business, product or event, size does matter. We can print your posters to any size you want, from A3 to B1 (700mmx1000mm). We can mount them on display boards and/or give them a silky matt or high gloss finish. How big can we go? VERY big - Bigger is better! If you've got something big to say, say it with Opus Print and Promotions Large format posters! 

Contact us today on +353 1 405 7815 or info@opusprintpromotions.ie to lay out your designs to make your customers take notice!

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