The Power of the Mug

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Promotional printed mugs are the ideal gift for advertising and promoting your business.   Branded mugs are proven to deliver a greater positive perception of a brand.  The average person normally drinks between 3-4 cups of tea/coffee per day and each cup takes approximately 15 minutes to drink.  This means you can have your brand, message or logo in front of your customer for almost 1 hour of every day.  Branded mugs offer exceptional value and exposure to promote your company to mass audiences in a cost effective way.  


Travel mugs are the perfect gift to get branded, your customers will love you while stuck in traffic on these cold morning.  Meanwhile your company name is constantly in front of them.


Great photography can do many things: evoke emotions, generate ideas and sell products. With Dye Sublimation printing it’s also possible to get great photographic images on mugs. Dye sublimation enables you to achieve a full colour print, excellent quality finish with vibrant colours on ceramic mugs.


The best sellers in the ceramic range are the Cambridge mug, Sparta mug, Atlantic mug and Bell mug.  All ceramic mugs have varied shapes, curves, lips and handles.  The decision is to decide which mug best suits your company and brand.


Looking for something really quirky - the wow mug with its heat changing properties is special.  To look at the mug it looks just like a plain ceramic mug but when filled with a hot liquid it reveals your message and logo.  The effect is certain to get your customers talking about your company and the novelty factor will last for a long time.


All the above are low cost printed mugs but offer great value for you to promote your business.


Promotional mugs work...

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